Hands-on Computational Biophysics and Cell Modeling Workshop Testimonials

We are very proud of the workshops presented by the MMBios team. Here's what attendees have to say:

“Loved this workshop - I feel like I learned a lot and will be using most of these techniques in my own research.”

“[The workshop] exposed me to computational biology and now I am very excited to explore modeling dynamics and other computational techniques in the future.”

“Fantastic workshop, exactly what was needed to jumpstart research.”

“The workshop was outstanding, overall I appreciated the individual interaction w/ the instructors. The breadth of the workshop was great for introducing new tools for my research. The tutorials are also excellent and useful for continuing study after the workshop. Thank you.”

“Overall, this workshop was a great experience. It was very informative and every one of the instructors and TAs was knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. I did learn a lot and am looking forward to use these tools and techniques for my research.“

“I really learned a lot and I don't think I would have been introduced to these tools otherwise.“

“I really admire the effort your group is making to not only produce great tools, but to make them smooth and accessible and easy to use. Lots of researchers write clever software, but to make it easy to use is much harder and it's wonderful that you prioritize it.”

“This workshop is very helpful for solving problems in my research. Moreover, it gives me an opportunity to know the latest tools developed for biology research.  Everyone is extremely helpful.”

“Concrete examples are easier for an experimentalist (me) to grok.  There were several of these - thanks!”

“The fact there many instructors were around to help. All of them knew how to trouble shoot. Everyone was cheerful, positive and willing to help.”

“I can see this tool is very useful for my biochemistry and development friend.”

“Most of the topics were new to me and as a result I learned a lot!”

“The help of each assistant was exceptionally good. There was always someone who could help out at every topic you can imagine.”

“Excellent and valuable workshop.”


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